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From time-to-time we plan on posting short BASKETBALL & LIFE SKILLS videos.

These clips will focus on both functional drills and motivational messages aimed at helping players of any age or skill level become better basketball players --- but more. We believe the same skills that make a person a better athlete help make that same individual a better teammate --- a better citizen --- a better neighbor –- a better human being. No one wins alone. We each need each other.

We welcome anyone who wants to contribute his or her own thoughts to post a BASKETBALL & LIFE SKILLS video on whatever basketball or life subject you feel is important. To do so just go to the Still Here Basketball, Inc. FACEBOOK page at:

Post it there and we will also copy it to our website at:

If you find this effort of value, please consider supporting the charitable activities of Still Here Basketball, Inc. We are a 501(3)(c) organization so all donations are tax deductible. During the next 12 months we are dedicated to helping young basketball players whose families are having trouble meeting pay-for-play requirements. Our charitable giving will also help area wheelchair basketball leagues, ballplayers with cognitive challenges, and community-based youth basketball programs in need of financial support.

To help out just visit and click on any DONATE button.

Thank you!

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